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Ashley Langridge

I had a large oak tree taken down near power lines and an outdoor kitchen. I was well informed about the work they were going to do and how long it should take. The team was professional, fast and dropped the tree safely. They used a bucket truck and climber to trim branches from the top half of the tree with no damage to the yard around the tree.  I am extremely pleased with Driscoll Tree service work.

John Miller

It took a while for the weather to cooperate, but when the time came, all went well with excellent results. The crew removed a large water oak and a small trash tree. They worked well together and when finished, the job site was cleaned up nicely. They were friendly and informative. Neighbors were also impressed. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service.


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8 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Tree

Trees are valuable to our homes and environment, providing oxygen, shade, and aesthetic appeal. However, trees can suffer from various health issues like other living organisms, prompting the expertise of a professional tree care company. At the Driscoll Tree Service, we leverage extensive knowledge and experience to identify the symptoms of an unhealthy tree before they escalate. If you suspect a problem in your backyard, schedule an inspection with certified arborists to ensure minor issues get out of hand. Here are eight common signs that show a tree in distress.


Yellowing or Discolored Leaves

The most noticeable symptom of an unhealthy tree is the discoloration of its leaves. Healthy leaves are usually vibrant green, but when a tree is under stress, its leaves may turn yellow, brown, or even black. Discolored leaves can show several problems, including nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or root issues. As a reputable tree care company, we can diagnose the cause and recommend effective treatment options to mitigate a recurrence.

Thinning Canopy

A healthy and full canopy is a sign of a healthy tree. However, an unhealthy tree may show a thinning canopy with gaps or bare branches. This is often a result of insufficient sunlight, pest infestations, or diseases that weaken the tree’s ability to produce leaves. A sparse canopy reduces the tree’s beauty, showing an underlying issue that requires attention. Once you notice thinning along the top, call a trusted tree service to inspect, diagnose, and address the problem. 

Dead or Dying Branches

Dead or dying branches are signs of severe health deterioration. If you notice brittle branches that don’t have leaves, it might be time to hire an expert. Damaged limbs pose a safety hazard, as they can fall and cause damage or injury. Tree service providers can assess the severity of damage to determine effective solutions, like pruning or tree removal. 

Bark Damage

A tree’s bark is a protective armor, shielding it from pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. If you notice wounds, cracks, or peeling bark on your tree, schedule an inspection with professional arborists. Bark damage increases susceptibility to pests and diseases, compromising its overall health. Once you notice bark issues, address the problem quickly to prevent further damage. The last thing you want is a dying or dead tree on your premises, risking the well-being of other trees and the quality of your premises. 

Fungus Growth

Fungal growth on a tree’s trunk or branches is a telltale sign of poor tree health. Fungi thrive on weak or dead wood, often appearing as mushrooms or conks. These organisms can cause extensive damage by affecting the tree’s structural integrity. While fungal growth is not a significant cause for concern initially, identifying and treating the underlying issue causing fungal growth is essential to preserve the tree’s vitality.

Stunted Growth

Healthy trees should have steady growth, with new branches and foliage yearly. When a tree doesn’t reach its expected height or size, it shows an underlying problem. This may result from factors such as poor soil quality, nutrient deficiencies, or root damage hindering a tree’s growth. Consult a tree service provider to address these issues and ensure your tree thrives.

Excessive Dropping of Leaves or Premature Leaf Loss

Although deciduous trees naturally shed their leaves in the fall, excessive leaf drop or premature leaf loss at other times of the year is a cause for concern. Common stressors like drought, disease, or insect infestations can prematurely cause a tree to shed leaves. The best way to avoid such problems is by monitoring the timing and extent of leaf loss to provide valuable insights into the tree’s health.

Sucker Growth


Sucker growth refers to the emergence of twig-like shoots at the base of the tree or along its branches. These shoots often respond to stress, injury, or root issues. While they may seem harmless, suckers divert valuable resources away from the tree’s primary structure and can exacerbate its health problems. Pruning or removing suckers is essential to promote the tree’s recovery.

Trees are essential to our natural environment, and their health is vital. Recognizing the symptoms of an unhealthy tree is the first step in preserving its vitality and preventing potential hazards. Contact us at the Driscoll Tree Service for regular inspections and timely interventions like tree removal to maintain the beauty in our surroundings.

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