Tree Removal in Snellville, GA

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, but sometimes they can become dangerous. When a tree starts to threaten your property or safety, it's crucial to call in the professionals for an emergency tree service. The professionals at Driscoll Tree Service are always ready to help. We provide a wide selection of premium services for local customers, including tree pruning, storm tree removal, emergency tree service, and tree trimming in Snellville, Georgia, and nearby metro area communities. Tree removal can be a difficult and dangerous process if you're not trained in the proper techniques. That's why it's important to hire a Snellville tree service company with the right experience level. If you've been searching the internet for "tree service near me," then call our crew today and find out how our tree cutting and emergency tree removal in Snellville can improve the safety of your home or business. 


The Importance of Storm Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Service in Snellville

It may be tempting to ignore a tree that has been damaged in a storm, but this can be dangerous. Trees that have been damaged by wind or lightning are at risk of falling and causing severe damage. Even if the tree doesn't seem like it's going to fall right away, it could still pose a danger to your property or safety. If you have any concerns about a damaged tree on your property, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment for professional tree service in Snellville, Georgia. A tree care specialist service will be able to assess the damage and determine the best course of action. 

The Importance of Tree Cutting, Tree Pruning, and Tree Trimming in Snellville

For many property owners, trees are an important part of the landscape. Not only do they provide shade and add visual interest, but they can also increase the value of your home. However, trees require occasional maintenance to stay healthy and safe. Pruning and trimming help remove dead or damaged branches, improving the tree's appearance and preventing hazards. In addition, pruning can also help to encourage new growth and promote a healthier overall structure. As a result, regular tree pruning and trimming are essential for any property owner who wants to maintain their trees in good condition.


Do You Need a Storm Tree Removal or Professional Tree Trimming in Snellville? 

Have you been looking online for "tree service near me"? If you have a damaged tree that needs to be cut down, it's essential to get help from a Snellville tree service company you can rely on. Call Driscoll Tree Service today. Tree removal can be a complicated and dangerous process, so let our professionals take care of your tree pruning or emergency tree service in Snellville. Contact our office for more details about our services or to schedule a time for your professional tree cutting, tree pruning, or storm tree removal in Snellville, GA, or another surrounding neighborhood.

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When it comes to taking care of a property, one of the most important things owners can do is remove dead or dying trees. While this task may seem daunting, it's crucial to have them removed as soon as possible to avoid any potential damage. The professionals at Driscoll Tree Service can help with…

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Gretta Michaels

This is the second time using Driscoll, and we are pleased with the service. Michael is knowledgeable and punctual. We had eight trees trimmed, and they left no traces of the work in our yard. Polite workers. Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommend.

Chad Thibodaux

I was very impressed with how quickly and professionally they worked. They were in and out in an afternoon. They had to remove a giant Red Oak, and did so with great skill and speed. Their price is very affordable and beats out most of the competition around. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service. We will use them again for all of our future tree removal needs! Seriously, give them a call. They are awesome!

Ryan Hunt

Driscoll Tree Service and its team are professional, friendly, and excellent at tree removal. Their prices are the best. We had them remove a completely dead tree and a super large branch. For both experiences, they came out fast and did an Incredible job. Highly recommend.

Hugh Reinhardt

Great job they removed a big tree stump on our property with no problem and at a better price than the others guys wanted to charge us. Driscoll Tree Service team was on time and had the right equipment and got right to work.

Karen Eddlemon

Efficient, Affordable, and Professional what more can you ask for in a company. I had a big tree in my yard that needed to be cut down. From the estimate from Michael and the actual job being performed by his crew, everything was satisfactory. Including the clean-up. They’re also licensed and insured so that made selecting for the job even more comfortable. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service for your tree removal.

Ashley Langridge

I had a large oak tree taken down near power lines and an outdoor kitchen. I was well informed about the work they were going to do and how long it should take. The team was professional, fast and dropped the tree safely. They used a bucket truck and climber to trim branches from the top half of the tree with no damage to the yard around the tree.  I am extremely pleased with Driscoll Tree service work.

Lindy Sanderson

We called to have two large pine trees removed since they were in the way of where we needed to put our fence. We are slackers and always wait until the last minute to do anything so of course, we tried to find someone that could take these out quickly as we needed it done ASAP. These guys came out the same day I called and were able to get them out the next day. I was so impressed by how nice and professional they are, it’s nearly impossible to get anyone to come out and/or follow up with anything so it was extremely refreshing that they did both without me having to call and ask what the hold up was. I will forever use this company for future needs. Thank you again!!

Ryan Lee

I used Driscoll Tree Service for years in Snellville, and now we use them in Atlanta. They do an excellent job every time. Friendly and knowledgeable crew.  Results are always great. Thanks, Driscoll Tree  Service!

Michael Helms

I began using Driscoll Tree Service back in 2021 and was so impressed with their knowledge and quality of work, I have only hired Driscoll Tree Service since!  Just a few weeks ago, my large oak tree needed a trim and once again it was a great job!!

Stephen Delbridge

The service for Driscoll Tree Service was outstanding. Michael came out to meet with me, explained the pros and cons of how to deal with my tree removal, and provided a clear quote for the service. The crew that came out to do the work was on-time, professional and did a great job. One of the trees they had to remove was tall and in a spot where they couldn't get any heavy equipment to it, but they were able to take it down in pieces without damaging my landscaping or fence. If you are looking for a professional and competent tree service,  I definitely recommend calling Driscoll Tree Service.