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Stephen Delbridge

The service for Driscoll Tree Service was outstanding. Michael came out to meet with me, explained the pros and cons of how to deal with my tree removal, and provided a clear quote for the service. The crew that came out to do the work was on-time, professional and did a great job. One of the trees they had to remove was tall and in a spot where they couldn't get any heavy equipment to it, but they were able to take it down in pieces without damaging my landscaping or fence. If you are looking for a professional and competent tree service,  I definitely recommend calling Driscoll Tree Service.

Ryan Lee

I used Driscoll Tree Service for years in Snellville, and now we use them in Atlanta. They do an excellent job every time. Friendly and knowledgeable crew.  Results are always great. Thanks, Driscoll Tree  Service!


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Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, maintaining a lush and healthy landscape enhances aesthetic appeal and plays a crucial role in providing shade, improving air quality, and enhancing the overall environment. You can achieve this by working with a trusted tree care company to conduct tree trimming and other maintenance practices, ensuring healthy and durable greenery. At Driscoll Tree Service, we understand the value of trees in our ecosystem and provide comprehensive services to help you maintain the beauty and vitality of your trees. Here are helpful tree care tips certified arborists recommend for homeowners.  


Regular Inspection

While trees are sturdy and long-lasting, regular inspections are essential for identifying and addressing issues early. Conduct visual inspections for signs of disease, pest infestations, or structural problems, such as cracks or leaning. Some signs of deterioration require expertise, hence hiring professional arborists. Whether dead or damaged branches, our experts can determine the cause and severity before providing solutions to prevent further damage, like tree trimming or removal.



Tree pruning is a vital aspect of landscaping that promotes healthy growth and maintains the tree’s shape. We leverage innovative equipment and proven techniques to remove dead, diseased, or crossing branches, improving air circulation and reducing disease risk. Tree pruning is ideal during the dormant season, but dead or hazardous branches should be removed quickly, regardless of the time.


Another essential tree care tip is mulching. Applying a layer of mulch around the base of your trees offers many benefits, including moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil insulation. Use organic mulch such as wood chips or bark and spread it evenly around the tree, leaving a few inches of space between the mulch and the trunk to prevent moisture buildup, decay, and premature tree removal emergencies.


Proper watering is crucial for healthy trees, especially during drought or hot weather. Deep watering is more suitable than conventional shallow watering, as it encourages deep root development. Use a soaker hose or drip irrigation system to ensure the water penetrates the soil effectively and reaches the roots.


While trees get nutrients from the soil, they may benefit from occasional fertilization, especially if the soil lacks essential nutrients for growth. Consult a reputable tree care company to choose a slow-release fertilizer made explicitly for your trees. In addition, working with professionals ensures proper application that follows the manufacturer’s instructions. If don’t require the expertise of a tree service expert, avoid over-fertilizing, which can cause nutrient imbalances and other issues.

Consulting with Professionals

Tree-related projects can provide an excellent opportunity for DIY solutions, but when in doubt, seek the advice of a certified tree service professional. We can assess the health of your trees, diagnose any issues, and recommend proper treatments or interventions. Our experts can also provide valuable guidance on proper tree care practices and help you develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for your property.

By following these tree care tips, you can ensure your trees’ health and vitality while enhancing your property’s beauty and value. Contact Driscoll Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our experts to access quality services like tree removal and pruning without compromising tree health and resilience.

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