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Gretta Michaels

This is the second time using Driscoll, and we are pleased with the service. Michael is knowledgeable and punctual. We had eight trees trimmed, and they left no traces of the work in our yard. Polite workers. Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommend.

Michael Helms

I began using Driscoll Tree Service back in 2021 and was so impressed with their knowledge and quality of work, I have only hired Driscoll Tree Service since!  Just a few weeks ago, my large oak tree needed a trim and once again it was a great job!!


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6 Tree Pruning Tools Pros Use

When caring for your trees, there is no room for compromise. Professional arborists understand the importance of using the right tools for the job. Whether it’s trimming branches for aesthetics or maintaining the health and safety of your trees, the choice of equipment plays a crucial role. If you have a pruning project lined up, Driscoll Tree Service can ensure safety and efficiency by using the right equipment. Here are six pruning tools that professional tree service providers rely on to keep your trees in prime condition.


Bypass Pruners

Bypass pruners are the workhorses of any arborist’s toolkit. These handheld pruning shears make precise cuts thanks to their bypass blade mechanism. The two curved blades pass by each other, creating a clean and even cut, promoting quicker healing for the tree.

Our expert arborists use bypass pruners for fine pruning tasks, such as removing small branches of deadwood or shaping the canopy. These tools have an ergonomic design and are easy to use, making them indispensable for any tree service provider.

Bypass Loppers

As a reputable tree care company, we turn to bypass loppers for thicker branches that bypass pruners can’t handle. These elongated pruning shears provide extra leverage and reach to trim branches up to 2 inches in diameter or more. Like bypass pruners, they feature the bypass blade mechanism, ensuring clean and efficient cuts.

Bypass loppers are essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your trees, as they can remove heavy, unwanted growth without causing further damage and tree removal emergencies.

Pruning Saws


When dealing with larger branches or limbs, pruning saws is a must-have tool for arborists. These saws come in various styles, including folding saws and pole-mounted saws, to address different pruning needs.

Pruning saws enhance precision and control while cutting through thicker wood. Their sharp teeth and sturdy construction allow arborists to make clean cuts without damaging the surrounding bark, which is crucial for the tree’s health. The last thing you want is to cause irreversible damage, leading to premature tree removal.

Pole Saws

Pole saws extend the reach of arborists in Winder, GA, making it possible to trim top branches without climbing the tree or using a ladder. These tools include a saw blade mounted on a telescopic pole, offering versatility and safety in tree pruning.

Professional-grade pole saws are lightweight and sturdy, allowing arborists to navigate through tree canopies with ease. They are invaluable for maintaining the health and appearance of tall trees, ensuring that no branch goes unattended.

Anvil Pruners

Anvil pruners differ from bypass pruners in their cutting mechanism. Instead of two blades passing each other, anvil pruners have a single sharp edge that cuts against a flat surface. These pruners are excellent for cutting dead or hardwood, as they provide extra power.

Tree service experts use anvil pruners when dealing with dead or diseased branches that require clean removal. However, they are less suitable for live wood, as their cutting style can crush and damage healthy branches if not used correctly.


Chainsaws are the heavy artillery of tree pruning tools reserved for significant tree removal and intensive pruning tasks. Professional arborists rely on chainsaws to tackle large tree branches, trunks, and even whole trees when necessary.

Chainsaws come in various sizes and types, from gas-powered to electric models, each designed for specific applications. When used by trained DIYers, chainsaws can cause severe damage and injuries. A tree care company can guarantee precision in removing or pruning large tree sections while prioritizing safety efficiently.

The selection of tree pruning tools plays a vital role in maintaining the health, safety, and aesthetics of your trees. Professional arborists understand the importance of using the right tool for each specific task, whether it’s the precision of bypass pruners, the reach of pole saws, or the power of chainsaws. Contact us at the Driscoll Tree Service for quality services at competitive market rates.

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