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Ryan Lee

I used Driscoll Tree Service for years in Snellville, and now we use them in Atlanta. They do an excellent job every time. Friendly and knowledgeable crew.  Results are always great. Thanks, Driscoll Tree  Service!

Gretta Michaels

This is the second time using Driscoll, and we are pleased with the service. Michael is knowledgeable and punctual. We had eight trees trimmed, and they left no traces of the work in our yard. Polite workers. Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommend.


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5 Signs of Tree Problems

Trees are an important part of our lives; one we can’t live without. This is why it’s crucial to take care of our environment. Sometimes you can tell when a tree is ill or dying by the color of its leaves or the state of its trunk. Other times, it’s not that easy to realize. Broken limbs or damaged tree trunks from a dying tree can cause serious injuries to people and animals if they fall unexpectedly. Being able to detect when a tree is ill and knowing what to do in that situation will be able to save you and others from potential dangers. Here are five signs to look out for that tell you the tree is not in good health.


Root and Branch Damage

Having a few dead branches or wood doesn’t necessarily mean your tree is ill, but an increased occurrence of dead wood may be a sign. Having dead wood in branches can make them weaker and more prone to fall off at any time. This is hazardous for the people living and passing by the area around the tree. Having the tree removed by a tree removal service offered by companies like Driscoll Tree Service will be the best option in situations like these.

If the tree has damaged roots, it’s harder to spot because they’re located underground. Look for changes in the tree’s health if you’ve recently had construction work near the tree or any other occurrence that may have been damaging to the tree. Similarly, if there are roots peeking out onto the surface, check for any damage and make sure the soil is healthy as well. Call for tree service if necessary.

Failing the Scratch Test


Trees have another layer under the dry, hard bark on their exterior called the cambium layer. You can peel off the hard layer and inspect the tree by looking at its cambium layer. By using your fingernail or a knife, carve out the outside layer of bark and check the color of the layer inside. If it’s green, this means the tree is still living. If it’s brown or dry, this is a sign of a dead or dying tree.

Yellowing Leaves

Plant leaves turning yellow is a sign of a moisture problem, usually meaning the plant either has a lack of water consumption or is receiving too much water. Moisture isn’t the only reason a tree’s leaves can turn yellow. Having pests or diseases can also lead the tree’s health to decline, causing the leaves to not receive enough nutrients.

Mysterious Spots Appear

If you have spots appearing on leaves or branches of your tree, it may be signs of disease. Pests and fungus can cause this to happen. Of course, not all spots you see on leaves mean that your tree has a disease, but it’s best to make sure nothing’s wrong with your tree’s health. Finding out about the problem before it’s too late will save you a phone call to a tree removal service.

Growth Problems

A plant’s overall health can affect its growth pattern greatly. Having thinner branches or being smaller can be because of a lack of nutrition just as much as it could be because of diseases. Leaning to the side or drooping branches are signs of weakness and indicate that the tree should be checked out.

Benefit From Our Services

Trees are living things just like humans, and they naturally have needs as well. If their health isn’t in good condition, it’s the job of Driscoll Tree Service to take care of them and have them removed if necessary. Don’t neglect your trees and call now if you need tree service. Attempting to save your tree now will most likely be more effective than later on.

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