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Karen Eddlemon

Efficient, Affordable, and Professional what more can you ask for in a company. I had a big tree in my yard that needed to be cut down. From the estimate from Michael and the actual job being performed by his crew, everything was satisfactory. Including the clean-up. They’re also licensed and insured so that made selecting for the job even more comfortable. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service for your tree removal.

Hugh Reinhardt

Great job they removed a big tree stump on our property with no problem and at a better price than the others guys wanted to charge us. Driscoll Tree Service team was on time and had the right equipment and got right to work.


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Why My Trees Look Bad

Trees are alive and need regular care. Like most living things, they can get injuries or diseases. While it is not always easy to identify signs of infection or infestation in trees, you may have to call a professional tree care company if it looks unhealthy or bad. Driscoll Tree Service leverages extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide top-notch services, guaranteeing healthy and safe trees. If you are unsure if hiring a tree service provider is time, here are signs to look for.


Discoloration of Leaves

There are many reasons for color changes in leaves, but if it happens on one side of the tree, you need to call a professional. Although color changes are normal in some parts of the country during autumn, contact an arborist if only trees are on your premises. Discoloration of leaves is often associated with infections and infestations, and early detection can mitigate further damage.

Leaves Dropping

Leaves dropping without an unexplainable reason may be caused by a lack of energy because of climate stressors, insufficient soil moisture, or the tree’s overall health being compromised. Regardless of the cause, dropping leaves or thinning out shows you need to call a tree care company. Although the damage might not be severe initially, it can quickly escalate. The last thing you want is an entirely thinned tree, increasing the risk of infestations and falling.

No Leaves

As mentioned, the lack of leaves could be caused by disease, root issues, or climate-induced stress. While a tree without leaves in your backyard doesn’t mean it is dead, but it affects the beauty of your home. Many people assume the worst and remove it without confirming the cause. Before taking drastic measures, have a certified tree service provider inspect the tree and recommend a viable solution.

Oozing Sap

Sap oozing from a tree is caused by several reasons. Sap is comparable to blood in the human body, as it is transferred throughout the tree’s vascular system. An arborist can assess the oozing tree and determine the condition of your tree before taking action. Excessive oozing of sap, also called bleeding, can show an infection or deterioration in health. The best solution to address the problem and prevent a recurrence is to work with a reputable tree care company.

Cracks in the Bark

The trunk transfers essential nutrients and water from the ground to other tree parts. If you notice cracks on the bark near this area, the heartwood and softwood are separating. It can become more pronounced if left unattended, compromising the tree’s structural integrity and increasing susceptibility to infections, infestations, and decay. Once you detect cracks, we can inspect, diagnose, and address the problem before things worsen.

Root Problems

Roots grow beneath the ground, so it is difficult to tell if there’s a problem. However, growths around the base that look like fungi may show a tree root problem. Roots not only provide anchorage but also absorb moisture and nutrients. If the roots degrade, it can lead to instability and other safety hazards. Scheduling routine inspections with a professional can help detect minor root damage signs and guarantees long-term solutions.

Falling Tree


Call an arborist quickly if you come home to find a tree leaning. There are many causes of leaning in trees; a tree service expert can pinpoint and address the issue. If the tree is unsalvageable, we have the equipment and expertise to guarantee safe removal, so you don’t worry about property damage.

Although the list is not limited to the ones mentioned, contact Driscoll Tree Service to learn more about tree care and maintenance. We offer a wide range of services, including routine inspections and tree removal, at competitive rates.

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