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Hugh Reinhardt

Great job they removed a big tree stump on our property with no problem and at a better price than the others guys wanted to charge us. Driscoll Tree Service team was on time and had the right equipment and got right to work.

Karen Eddlemon

Efficient, Affordable, and Professional what more can you ask for in a company. I had a big tree in my yard that needed to be cut down. From the estimate from Michael and the actual job being performed by his crew, everything was satisfactory. Including the clean-up. They’re also licensed and insured so that made selecting for the job even more comfortable. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service for your tree removal.


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Who is Responsible for a Fallen Tree?

Healthy and well-cared-for trees can be a valuable asset to your property, enhancing its beauty and value. However, the natural world can sometimes be unpredictable, and when a tree or large branch falls, it can cause damage, personal injury, or create an unwanted mess. In such situations, understanding who is responsible, including the cost of addressing the issue and potential liabilities, is essential. Driscoll Tree Service is a reputable tree care company ready to help you navigate the complexities of tree ownership, liability, and responsibility for fallen trees. Our certified arborists can shed light on whether you or your neighbor should take action.


Tree Ownership

Identifying its owner is crucial to determining responsibility for a fallen tree. The tree’s owner is the person on whose property the tree trunk is located, regardless of whether branches or roots extend onto neighboring properties. This is usually the case for most jurisdictions, and it’s fundamental in assessing responsibility for tree removal.

The Cost of Fallen Trees

When a tree on your property falls because of natural causes, such as a storm or strong winds, cover the cost of its removal and any resulting property damage. This responsibility extends to the cleanup and repairs required following such incidents. Homeowners’ insurance may cover some of these costs, so it’s wise to consult your insurance policy or a professional tree care company to understand the extent of your coverage.

Suppose a tree on your property falls and causes damage to your neighbor’s property. In that case, your neighbor’s insurance will cover the damage, and your insurance will only come into play if your neighbor’s coverage is insufficient. Tree removal can be costly, so ensure you understand the various insurance policies before deciding. 

Liability for Fallen Trees

Liability for fallen trees can vary, as it is determined by the circumstances of the incident. Here are some scenarios to consider:

Natural Causes

If a tree falls because of natural causes, such as a storm, and damages or injures someone on your property, it is considered an “act of God.” In such cases, your insurance policy covers the damage or injuries, giving you a financial reprieve. You don’t have to worry about tree service costs and other repairs. 


You may be held liable if you were negligent in maintaining your tree, causing damages or injuries. Negligence can include failing to schedule regular inspections and maintenance with a professional tree service, knowing it posed a danger, or ignoring warning signs of instability.

Neighbor’s Tree

If a tree on your neighbor’s property falls onto your property and causes damage, your neighbor is typically responsible for the damage and the removal cost. However, if you had previously informed your neighbors of the tree’s dangerous condition and failed to take action, they may be liable for negligence.

Regarding trees and property ownership, understanding responsibility for fallen trees is crucial. Usually, the tree owner addresses the problem, including removal and associated costs. Open communication with your neighbors about potential tree hazards is always a wise approach to maintaining good neighborly relations and ensuring safety. Contact us at the Driscoll Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our arborists. We provide quality services and work with your insurance provider to reduce the financial burden.


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