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Gretta Michaels

This is the second time using Driscoll, and we are pleased with the service. Michael is knowledgeable and punctual. We had eight trees trimmed, and they left no traces of the work in our yard. Polite workers. Reasonably priced as well. Highly recommend.

Stephen Delbridge

The service for Driscoll Tree Service was outstanding. Michael came out to meet with me, explained the pros and cons of how to deal with my tree removal, and provided a clear quote for the service. The crew that came out to do the work was on-time, professional and did a great job. One of the trees they had to remove was tall and in a spot where they couldn't get any heavy equipment to it, but they were able to take it down in pieces without damaging my landscaping or fence. If you are looking for a professional and competent tree service,  I definitely recommend calling Driscoll Tree Service.


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Tree Trimming Safety Tips

Tree trimming is a vital aspect of landscaping and garden maintenance that helps keep trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing. However, it can also be hazardous if not done correctly, causing severe damage and premature tree removal. Whether you’re a professional arborist or a homeowner looking to maintain your yard, understanding and following safety protocols is essential. If you have a tree pruning or trimming project lined up, Driscoll Tree Service is the go-to tree care company. We leverage extensive expertise and knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency throughout the project. Here are vital safety tips for tree trimming to help you avoid injuries and ensure a successful session.


Wear Protective Gear

Before you begin a tree trimming project, it is crucial to wear the proper protective gear. This includes sturdy gloves to protect your hands from sharp branches and thorns, safety goggles to shield your eyes from flying debris, and hard hats to protect your head from falling limbs. In addition, hearing protection such as earplugs or earmuffs is necessary to prevent hearing damage when using power tools.

Check the Weather

Tree service experts recommend checking the weather forecast before starting your trimming project. Many DIYers usually trim trees in adverse weather, such as high winds, rain, or lightning storms. Bad weather can make branches slippery, increasing the risk of accidents, damage, and costly repairs.

Inspect Equipment Before Use


Before tree pruning or trimming, ensure all equipment is in good working order. This includes ladders, chainsaws, pruners, and any other tools you plan to use. Check for dull blades, loose parts, and signs of wear. If you suspect faulty equipment that can compromise your safety, hire professional arborists to ensure optimum safety and quality work.

Use Proper Techniques and Tools

As mentioned, the common problem with DIY tree pruning projects is understanding the proper techniques and using the correct tools for safety. Professional arborists use tools that fit the job, including hand pruners for small branches and chainsaws for larger limbs. We recommend cutting away from your body and maintaining a stable position while cutting. This goes a long way to mitigate safety hazards, tree damage, and costly repairs.

Follow Proper Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is vital when trimming trees. Always use a sturdy ladder that extends at least three feet over the branch you’re trimming. Secure the ladder on stable ground, and don’t stand on the top three steps. Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder: two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. If you prefer a proactive approach, hire a tree care company to handle the heavy lifting.

Know When to Call a Professional

Last, recognize when a job is beyond your skill level or capacity. Tree trimming, especially for large trees or those near power lines, can be dangerous and require professional equipment and experience. Hiring a certified tree service expert can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Tree pruning and trimming is a demanding task that requires careful attention to safety. By following these tips, you can minimize risk and ensure a safe environment for yourself and others. Contact us at the Driscoll Tree Service to ensure an effective and safe project. We provide various services to address your landscaping needs, from planting and maintenance to trimming and tree removal, at competitive rates.

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