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Hugh Reinhardt

Great job they removed a big tree stump on our property with no problem and at a better price than the others guys wanted to charge us. Driscoll Tree Service team was on time and had the right equipment and got right to work.

Chad Thibodaux

I was very impressed with how quickly and professionally they worked. They were in and out in an afternoon. They had to remove a giant Red Oak, and did so with great skill and speed. Their price is very affordable and beats out most of the competition around. I highly recommend Driscoll Tree Service. We will use them again for all of our future tree removal needs! Seriously, give them a call. They are awesome!


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Spotting the Signs of Common Tree Diseases in 2022

Even the healthiest of trees can become damaged due to invasive pests and plant diseases. Such issues need to be tackled very quickly. Otherwise, the affected trees can die, spreading the problem to other nearby plants. The professionals at Driscoll Tree Service offer reliable tree services for local property owners, including emergency tree removal. Our technicians have personally witnessed the destructive results of neglecting these pesky diseases, and we want to help you avoid trouble. Keep reading for more information on the most common tree diseases and insect populations to watch out for this year. 


The Most Prevalent Tree Diseases to Watch Out For

While each tree will have different levels of susceptibility, all homeowners must know the most common tree diseases. This knowledge will ensure that you can be proactive about treatment and prevent the loss of the tree or the spread of the disease to other plants. Here is a list of the most prevalent tree diseases for 2022:

  • Fire Blight - Looks like the tree has been charred or burned. 
  • Leaf Rust - Appears as red or orange spots on leaves. 
  • Powdery Mildew - Leaves will have a coating of white dust. 
  • Witch’s Broom - A cluster of twigs that look like a broom; it often appears in the middle of a tree branch. 
  • Gall - A type of fungus that usually grows on the branches or trunk. 
  • Canker - Fungal growth running along the trunk of a tree in areas where damage has occurred.

Common Harmful Insect Populations 


Like plant diseases, certain species of insects can also have a detrimental effect on the health of your trees. Here is a list of the most active varieties at this time: 

  • Bagworm - Grubs that feed off branches and tree leaves. 
  • Emerald Ash Borer - A green, shimmery beetle that can quickly destroy mature trees. 
  • Japanese Beetle  - A beetle with a brown thorax, often found on the leaves of various trees. 

How Can a Professional Tree Service Help Solve the Problem? 

A tree risk assessment can help determine whether your tree has been infested with a harmful insect population or plant disease. If so, then our team can help offer solutions. In some cases, it might be necessary to remove the tree to avoid the further spread of the problem. This is particularly true if the plant disease or pests have already caused a lot of damage to the tree. Leaving a dead or dying tree in place can invite further trouble and can be a serious safety hazard. Our team has the experience and specialized equipment needed to safely remove your tree if needed, so your property can remain safe and healthy once again. 

Do You Need an Emergency Tree Removal or Tree Service? Call Driscoll Today 

Are you worried that your tree has been negatively affected by a plant disease or invasive pest? Then call the specialists at Driscoll Tree Service. Our reliable tree care professionals are ready to help. Whether you need a risk assessment or require an emergency tree removal, our team can find a solution that’s best for your needs. Contact our office to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. 

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